Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day!

Alright, everyone! As I wrote yesterday, today has been named Nie Nie Day in honor of Stephanie and Christian Nielson. Pretty Jane is participating in a HUGE, wide-ranging group of blogs who are staging, in groups and individually, auctions of items to support the care and recovery of this amazing couple. Please read more about their ordeal here and here, and then continue below to the comments section. I'm auctioning off ANY of the Pretty Jane fall collection, seen either here on the blog (links in the sidebar) or on the website. Place your bid in the comments below as you would in a silent auction, and the highest bidder as of midnight Sept 1 (Labor Day) wins THEIR CHOICE of any outfit in exchange for making a donation to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Recovery Fund (by clicking the button on yesterday's post, which sends you to a PayPal interface for your donation, or by using the button at the bottom of this post). By no means am I primarily interested in auctioning off something I have made--only in participating in a wider-ranging effort. Please use the links and visit the many, many auctions being held on other blogs, and if you feel so moved, donate to this family.

As one blogger put it, please bid with a "Public Radio" mindset: we know that the tote bag or coffee mug they offer wouldn't cost $75 outside of the fundraising effort, but we also know we get much, much more for our act of charity than simply a tote or a cup of coffee. In this case, we are supporting a family whose support of one another is simply inspirational, and has continually brought tears of gratitude to my own eyes for my own family and bounty. There but for the grace of God, as my grandmother says, and may we all be inspired to live stronger lives by the example this family is setting.

So, peruse the collection, take your pick, and START BIDDING! If you'll leave the name of the item/fabric you'd like/size for your child in your comment, I'll respond to the winner via email to get info for delivery, confirm the donation, and to thank you for your generosity and compassion. Here's hoping, between these 165+ participants, that we make a huge impact that mirrors the impact this family is having all over the globe through their example.

UPDATE: As of 7/29, there are confirmed over 300 participants in these online charity auctions. Who says folks don't care?? That ROCKS!


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I love the Oliver shirt for my youngest. He's a size 18 months. I'll start the bidding at $5.

Gerb said...

Can I get hairclips if I'm the winner? I'll do $10.

Deborah said...

Of course! You pick the fabric and I'll custom-make them just for you.

Thanks for bidding, and take care!

Shawna said...

I'd love the Lucy Paperdolls Jumper for my daughter. She's a 4t. Bid: $35

dana said...

Thank you for the extremely nice compliments on my MADE blog. I just spent some time reading and browsing your blog and after seeing all the amazing things you make, it means even more to me! I love your creations. And I love knowing that you have 2 little kids at home too. I love knowing there are other crazy moms who try to get their craft in.
I adore the blue Dylan overalls. And the Lucy dress too (esp because my daughter is Lucy).
I'm still looking around at all the bids but I may be back here to bid on something adorable!
- dana

dana said...

I'll bid $45 for the Lucy Dress.

Shawna said...

is it too late? $46 for the lucy dress.

dana said...

Lame! I lost the bid by $1?!
I guess I should have checked back more often.
I would have given $50 for the Dylan overalls