Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back-To-School: Preview II

Let's talk a little about the philosophy behind Pretty Jane, and at the same time, I'm super proud to show you more images of this fall's line. Notice all the delicious corduroy paired with the bright cotton prints--YUM!

We're all noticing our belts getting a little tighter lately, and I've always had a personal bent towards frugality. I spent some long, soul-searching moments thinking about why I make the things I make, and what I want my styles to say about who I am. You'll see a renewal of my ongoing focus on making Pretty Jane stylish AND functional.

I use only natural fibers, because I want them to feel good ON, let my children's skin breathe, and be super simple to care for. I choose bright colors because I want kids to be attracted to them, to WANT to wear them, because I have such a hard time finding things on which we can agree but I love seeing them look sweet. I mix and match prints so that the pieces can be used in lots of different ways--alone, over pants, over tees, with or without a jacket or sweater, for play or for school. I want my kids--and yours--to outgrow them before they outwear them, but never for lack of trying!

My kids don't really wear busy outfits with lots of ruffles and layers and fluff (at least, not often). What I do strive to give them are things that I know they can wear and wear and wear and wear--and then hand down, but they still look GREAT.

This fall's styles each offer a little taste of that philosophy. From the Lily, with huge pockets, full reversibility, adjustable shoulder ties, and year-after-year wearability. This year it's a jumper, next year it's a mid-thigh shift, and the year after that it STILL fits as a hip-length top.

Wear it all the way through over a diaper cover, shorts, capris or pants; put it over a short sleeved tee for school; add a long sleeved tee for winter weather, and a sweater for outside play; then turn it around and show the other side for a fresh look that never looks worn out. I really love this piece, and have been so proud to see how great it looks in EVERY fabric, and to hear back from moms whose kids have worn it and worn it (one just told me she got laid over at the airport, but their bags were already checked through--only her daughter, in her Lily shift, had a fresh outfit when they returned to the airport to catch their rescheduled flight!).

From the School Year Pant, with its three-season appeal and contrast cuff. The fabric is crisp, the pocket is just the right size, and the cuffs give it a little extra KICK when worn as capris. Full length, that contrast fabric is your little secret, something to brighten your day.

From the Avery jumper, which looks great alone, over a tee, under a sweater, and is cut just a little bit loose to allow it to work for next year, too. The length hits at just the right spot to make it a great gift item, too--a little long now, but even on the tallest, lankiest kids it always seems to fit just right.

From the Dylan overall, with adjustable straps, elastic back waist for more room to move, and slightly longer leg that can be rolled up for now and grown into later. Did I mention that this one's reversible, too? And in sizes 18 months, 2T and 3T, this one can come with mock buttons that disguise velcro closures, for potty training ease! I'm pretty sure our preschooler will have four pair of these this winter as she masters the tiny plastic throne...

From the Lucy, with its fully-lined bodice and adjustable straps, so it's good to go in warm weather and then layer later. Plus, with these amazing prints, she'll want to wear it every time it comes out of the wash, and the full skirt in easy-care cotton makes it great from playground to playdate to school days to dinner out with the in-laws (the world's hardest What Should The Kids Wear event).

I work hard to offer things that I know will make it off the hanger more than once in a while, that will become your favorite and theirs. I'm really proud of what we're offering this fall, and hope you'll love it, too!

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments, and I hope to see you at our debut trunk show next Saturday, July 26, at Beehive from 12-4 p.m. We're offering ALL the fall styles at 15% off for one day only, before you can get them in the stores! Come on out, choose your favorite, and have it custom made and delivered before school begins in August.

And thanks for dropping by to visit!

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