Monday, September 1, 2008

Auction Closes Tonight!

I deliberately scheduled the end of this auction a little later than many of the others, hoping folks who'd missed out on an opportunity to bid or win on other items would still get a chance to make a donation here. Check all the wonderful links out if you're still hoping to make a bid (Design Mom is keeping the active ones marked with the word "LIVE" in red to make it easier to search her master list of auctions for those that are new or continuing to take bids), or just scroll on down and click the button to donate directly. SO MANY amazing, creative, generous people donated items to be auctioned off to bring tens of thousands of hits to blogs WORLDWIDE this weekend to benefit the Neilson family--please take the time to browse their sites and make comments (or purchases if you feel so inclined) as a means of expressing thanks for these collective efforts.

Bids are still open below until midnight tonight--thanks to all of you!

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