Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Am A Big, Fat Whiner

So, while I was here moaning about my Summer Complaint, I caught up on my blog reading and spent a solid hour-plus crying over Stephanie and Christian Nielson's recent tragedy. It's made the local and national news, but nowhere does it seem to have hit a nerve like it has in Blogland.

Here are a loving, devoted husband and wife, with an amazing devotion to their family--they have the coolest family rituals and traditions that tie them so closely to their four small children--and a deep and incredibly romantic attachment to one another. And then, on a random day, their plane crashes leaving them both clinging to life and suffering from serious injuries. Stephanie's sister, Jane, is journaling their recovery in the burn unit on her blog C Jane Run, and it's compelling and heart-wrenching and touching. And it has moved me to love my family more than I can even mention. The amount of faith and compassion that this family, both immediate and extended, have displayed is worthy of nothing short of awe.

Tomorrow has been named NieNie Day, a day for those in the blogiverse to take an opportunity to donate and raise money for the millions of dollars of medical care it is expected that these two will likely need. Currently, just as a snapshot, both husband and wife are in medically induced comas (and are expected to remain so for months) while they undergo multiple surgeries to treat their burns. Their families are caring for their children and home as they recover, but insurance will not cover all their bills past a certain point. As part of this initiative, I'm donating one Pretty Jane outfit to the high bidder in a silent auction here on the blog, similar to those being held by other bloggers. Your pick from the fall collection--just leave your bid in the comments on tomorrow's post, and the winner will donate directly using the linked button above at the end of the auction. Bids will be accepted until Monday, Sept 2 at midnight.

Feel free to donate yourself, outside the auction, by clicking the link. And send prayers for this family, who remind us all of how much we stand to lose in this world--and how very much we can gain through the uncompromising love of those around us.

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Bek said...

What a wonderful tribute to Stephanie. I wish that I could say that it is all a blog personna, but she really IS like that in real life.

She would LOVE your clothes and I can't wait to start bidding tomorrow.