Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back-To-School: Preview I

I can hardly believe it's even CLOSE to time for back-to-school. Our older daughter is already training herself to wake up early in order to get to school on time. Nuts! It's 97 degrees out, and we're getting ready to think about backpacks and lunchboxes and winter weather on its way...

In light of that astonishing development--although, since we all knew fall would come eventually, I guess it isn't really a development; rather, I'm just amazed at how much faster the year goes as I get more years on me--I'm proud to introduce our back-to-school and fall collections. Lots of yummy, bright colors, lots of sweet shapes. Some cotton prints, some corduroy, plenty of details and trim. Great stuff for boys and girls.

I worked hard to mix up things that would be great to wear now, while it's still warm out, with things that they're boud to need later, when it cools down some. You'll find jumpers that work well alone--no gaps where little chests are too exposed--but then have plenty of room to layer a tee underneath for the autumn.

You'll find dresses with button-up sleeves that can be rolled back for playtime. There are lighter-weight jackets lined with warm cotton flannel that are just heavy enough for the South at Halloween--blocks out the wind, but doesn't smother.

There are two styles of button-front shirts for boys, in piles of yummy, yummy prints--from frogs to modern geometrics.

There are overalls for boys, girls, and even some styles that could work for either so you're free to hand them down when one child outgrows them.

Of course, there's the Lily shift, one of the most popular styles I've designed.

It's fully reversible and adjustable and last for three years (more about that in my next post), and now comes with pockets on both sides, for little hands to store treasures and get lost in.

To go along with it, I've made up the School Year Pant, with a contrast cuff that makes them capris now and in the spring, but rolls down to full-length for the colder months. It's got a sweet pocket, which you'll find on lots of our styles for fall--my kids demanded more pockets on everything, and I'm nothing if not a mommy who likes to meet a spoken need!

Plenty more to see in my next post--can't wait to show them all off to you! And don't forget--if you're in the South, drop by Beehive on Saturday, July 26 from 12-4 p.m. for the debut trunk show of this collection!

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melissa said...

You've made such beautiful clothes! I especially love the first photo of the long-sleeved green boy shirt. Simply adorable!