Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Complaint

I have The Funk. Not the good kind. The upper respiratory kind. The one that comes with mind-numbing fatigue and light-headedness when climbing stairs. The kind your husband brings back with him after spending a week in Alaska and touching a glacier without you--the insult-to-injury kind of Funk.

My friend's mother says when you get oddly ill in the summer, with no apparent cause, it's the Summer Complaint. I like that. It's such a deliciously specific name for a non-specific illness. I have Summer Complaint.

That week in Alaska also explains where I've been: handling two kids + fetus and dog, house, minor debacles, etc all alone for 8 days takes it out of you. I started plenty of posts, but each one had a critical component missing, like a picture, or words.

I'm back, but only partly. Look for some yummy stuff in the next 48 hours, once I get a whole lotta boxes of Puffs.

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