Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweatshirt Refashion

Last trip to the thrift store, I picked up this for 60 cents:

I brought it home and told my husband I planned to refashion it.  He asked, "What's wrong with it now?"  Well, nothing, really.  But it could be so much BETTER, right?  You know I'm right.

So I set about picking out the applique, one stitch at a time.  Nice idea, except that the central stitches go through ALL the layers, and are TIGHT.  So, I gave up.

And snipped off what I had been able to free, feeling an awful lot like that awful kid in grade school who ripped the wings off bugs just to see what would happen.

I dug through the stash to discover some quilting scraps to coordinate, and cut out a delicious bird shape:

Finished product, which is WAYYYY better than before, if I do say so myself:

And finished product being enjoyed almost as much as her first taste of Chef Boyardee (don't shoot me for the canned pasta--it was Monday!)

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Myra said...

Cute on the cutie.