Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Preview #2: Reversible Skirt

This is the Kirsten skirt, in sizes 12mo to 12 years. I've done it in loads of fabric combinations this season, and one of my favorites is this Sandi Henderson fabric:

Elastic waistband makes it fully reversible, with bright flowers in pinks on one side, and a flush of petals on the other:

I like the "paper bag" effect of the waistband here, too--does anyone else remember this style from the late 80s? on the "Boyfriend Jeans" we had in 9th grade, perhaps?

Hem is fully encased in wide bias tape, visible on both sides:

I love this style for its simplcity, its clean A-line shape, and the fact that it works so well for so many ages. Vary the fabric, and it has a whole different feel!

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glamspoon said...

lovely pattern and nice finishing work!

dana said...


Maria Rose said...

I really like the color combination.