Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Preview #1: Spring is Coming--with a GIVEAWAY!

I know, the holidays are barely even over yet and here I am, blabbing on about spring.

But I have a secret:  I've been working on spring and summer styles for months now, and I can hardly stand the cloak-and-dagger any longer.  It's really, really difficult, when you find something you love, to NOT talk about it all the time.  I remind myself of E with her first real high school crush.  Wow.

So these next few Fridays, I'll be showing tantalizing sneak peaks of the spring line, bit by bit, all leading up the the grand Trunk Show at Beehive to launch the new season.  There are a LOT of surprises along the way, and I'm busting at the seams to tell you all about them...

Oh, and as I reveal teensy glimpses of each piece, I'll be watching the comments: the garment featured in the post with the MOST comments by February 15 will be GIVEN AWAY!  So keep checking back each Friday between now and then, and be sure to leave a note for the ones you love--I can't wait to send the first of this collection away to someone I know will adore it!

From the TWEEN COLLECTION, our renewed focus for Spring 2009.  Lots of very cool, very wearable styles for girls' sizes 7, 8, 10, and 12.  This is a version of the Abigail jumper for littler girls, in a very tween-friendly print: mod guitars in lime and aqua on a chocolate background.  Cap sleeves, A-line body gathered at a square neckline, buttons up the back to wear as a top, a tunic, with a shirt beneath.



heidi jo said...

LOVE the guitars!!! DARLING.

ms.clark said...

What a beautiful jumper.

dana said...

Oh wow. I love all of it...especially that cute fabric!