Friday, January 9, 2009

Have you clicked yet?

I won't say "voted," since I still have some PTSD from the last election. And since the Blog Awards are hogging all the "voting."

But please take a sec, if you haven't already, to hop on over and vote in favor of changes to the CPSIA. Use that little icon to the right, the one that says, "Save Handmade Toys in the US." Help us all out.

I'm not freakin' over this the way I was at first, partly because I am fortunate enough to be somewhat diversified, but I AM freakin' as a mommy and an independent spirit who places insanely high value on CHOICE. Let's be certain this issue is one that faces the incoming administration ASAP so we can make the language in this law clear and logical, and use the law to do what it was intended to do--punish the manufacturers who betrayed our trust in the last year with faulty products that endangered our children--and NOT punish those it was never intended to punish--teeny tiny manufacturers like me and piles of others on Etsy and elsewhere who have ALWAYS made safe, handmade, non-toxic, charming, heirloom products for children.

Thanks, y'all.

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