Thursday, January 8, 2009

To Market, To Market


I'm supposed to be sewing right this second. Making aprons for Rinse's debut at the America's Mart tomorrow. Heather from Rinse is another designer at Beehive, and so great, and I jumped at the chance to help her outfit herself and her girls for their Market debut. But THE FABRIC ISN'T HERE YET! I'm beside myself. We spent days picking out just the right combination of Amy Butler prints, and brainstorming shapes and accents. I'm really, really bummed.

The aprons above are the mommy-and-me aprons I made for holiday gift giving, and even if they hadn't sold, they aren't in Heather's color scheme.

Can everyone send out some positive, fabric-arriving-tomorrow mojo to get those bolts to me so she can actually USE these puppies?? Thanks a bunch.

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