Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where Did Baby's Bumpers Go?*

After writing about O's applique crib bumpers, I thought I'd drop a little note about what happened to M's pink floral bumpers once they were retired so she can move to the toddler bed.

We found this fantastic toddler bed on Craig's List for a crazy reasonable price (mattress included). Better than Ikea, since it doesn't require a special size sheet, and she has plenty of pink and flowered ones that Baby O won't use. We moved her curtains to over her bed when she and O moved into the same room, and I wanted to reuse the fabric I covered her bumpers with as a comforter.

I ripped the covers off the bumpers, used a rotary cutter to trim them to size, and patchworked them together in sort of a modified log cabin design. The solid pink is the fabric I used to cover the diaper changing pad (which never quite got stitched--I just wrapped it around the pad for two years!).

It's still a little bit of a Work In Progress, but I really like the way the fabrics are coming together, and am so pleased to be able to re-use what we've already got rather than run out and try to find just the right thing at the store--I always have a picture in my head and can never get just what I want when shopping, so I might as well make it happen this way!

*The title is an homage to one of my all-time favorite Golden Books, "Where Did The Baby Go?" by Eloise Wilkin. Did you read that one when you were little? I even love the images of the clothes--soooo 1974.

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Erin said...

I popped over here from Wardrobe Refashion.
This is such a great idea for re-using crib bedding that you adore. I have some that I adore- but I just can't keep having kids in order to be able to use it, ya know?;) I'll tuck this idea away for future reference.

Eloise Wilkins is my very favorite children's book illustrator. In my daughter's room, we've got 8 of her books framed and hung on the wall. It looks so sweet!