Monday, October 6, 2008

Gingham Piping

When our Toddler, M, was itty bitty (maybe even in utero?), I needed a changing table pad but was hoping one would be "showered" upon us, so avoided buying one. In the meantime, I made this one:

Oh, yeah. That's a mattress pad, some foam, and a waterproof liner, all layered up together. Seriously. It was meant to be a temporary fix, but y'all know how these things go... And it's worked so well, why change it now, right?

So for new baby, I had this soft chenille in a baby blue in the stash:

I don't really remember why I bought it originally--baby blanket, I guess?--but that meant it was up for grabs. I pulled it out and made some apple green gingham piping for the edges to finally make a real cover [when it was M's, I only ever wrapped it up (in a lovely pink quilting cotton, I'll have you know), but never actually stitched the cover...].

There was a limit to how much chenille I had, especially with that nifty chevron pattern I put in:

So the bottom has an envelope closure in gingham to take it off for the inevitable washings it'll need after he sprays all over it...

Golly, I'm feeling so accomplished! I hope this burst of energy lasts long enough to put out the spring line! This gingham will make a reappearance, for certain. Goes with everything. Stay tuned, too, for details on how O's side of the nursery is coming together. Better late and all--besides, he's so tiny he'll be in our room with us for quite a while yet. He's good company, and he never snores.

Have a great week, everyone!


dana said...

Um, you've been home for a week with a newborn and already made this? I want to sell your energy!
Very cute. Love the chevron pattern. I wouldn't have thought of that.
and the piping is perfect.

Deborah said...

Officially, it's two weeks, but yeah, even I'm surprised by how time has been organizing itself. Both the little ones nap at the same time in the afternoon, and O is such a good sleeper that he hangs out with me and my Sweet Husband at night--he blogs, I sew! I'm very, very grateful...

melissa said...

Oh beautiful! I love it!