Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Project

M needed a new pillowcase for her little pillow if she's ever going to move out of the crib and let the O take it over. I realize this even more now that I've spent the weekend with houseguests and the other two kids, trying vainly to explain to everyone that our newborn is sleeping in my room, which shares a wall with the kitchen, and if they yell and slam cabinet doors or unload the dishwasher at all hours, he WON'T be sleeping anymore.

Since I've been getting in the fabrics for the spring line already, I had a hard time resisting cutting into some of it to make her this sweet pillow for her big girl bed:

I adore gingham in general, and in this delicious apple green I like it even more. Plus, since M and O are sharing the nursery now, I thought doing her pillow case out of the same fabric as the piping on the changing pad would begin to tie the two sides of the room together a little more, and maintain a more cohesive look as a whole. Especially with the pink-o-rama that is M's side of the room!

Very simple pillowcase shape with a ruffle at the opening. I used my new(ish) rolled hem foot on my machine to finish the edge of the ruffle, and boy-o-boy, are you people gonna see a lot of ruffles from now on--that bad boy makes them EASY!

Have also been filling some orders for tees this week, and adding some samples to the line for the Winter Collection, which I'm hoping will be in the shop in another week or so--will keep you posted!

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The Figurehead said...

Now that's awesome! We might need to get a few of those for Max, Kate, and Izzy.