Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Did anyone else notice that this was supposed to be my DUE DATE?? Let's revisit how funny that is. Am I the only one still laughing, cause I just can't seem to get over it...

I voted by absentee ballot weeks ago--again, in anticipation that I would be enjoying my lying in at this point. No need to get political here, but it's such a big day for ALL of us, for the whole world, really, that I had to say something to observe the occasion.

I wonder what it says that our baby really, really didn't want to be born on this day??

I teach a class tonight, which starts after the polls are closed but will at least keep me from watching the results roll in. I'm sure when I get home, my Sweet Husband will hand me a hungry baby and let me know where the score stands. It'll all be over in the morning. Making tomorrow a very, very different day no matter WHAT the outcome.

Here are thoughts and prayers for all of us to wake up each day and make our America the one we dream of. Best wishes to ALL of you!


Jamie said...

His arrival did kinda break the family tradition of birthdays on significant days in American history, didn't it?

Maria Rose said...

I am so glad I already voted. Now I can sit back and watch the polls tonight.

dana said...

Isn't it SO nice to know that you are about 2 months ahead of the game now! The really unpredictable weeks are behind you. Woohoo!

And I'm off to vote this very moment! My polling place is immediately across the street from me. Yay!

Pretty Jane said...

I was delighted to not have to stand in line, and went to bed early after reading some of my latest novel. Woke up to the results, rather than living them all day. Much more relaxing that way.