Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Haul

Beautiful fall night in the Southland. Great night for tricks and treats...

We handed out goodie bags to the toddler neighbors we play with, full of fruit snacks and Play-doh.

M finally gets it. "Free candy, really??"

Baby made his debut--and promptly fell asleep. No candy for him.
It's hard to tell here, but he's wrapped in a flour "tortilla," has a tomato on his head, and there are some wisps of shredded cheese hanging out. The guacamole was tucked inside...

Daddy had at least as much fun as the kiddos. At least.
Here he is, at M's preschool Halloween Parade.

And here, crossing the street for "one more time trick or treat, Daddy."

Mommy didn't even stay home to hand out candy this year--I'm growing! I wandered the cul-de-sac with the rest of them, neighbor kids included. (I was dressed as a Burrito Stand, or "responsible mommy." Same clothes as usual, but with more baby carrying.)

Our teen ran off to a trick-or-treat sleepover at the very last minute and escaped before photo ops!! Can you imagine? Somehow her "murdered prom queen" morphed into "vampire schoolgirl." As long as there was fake blood involved, she was happy... But still. Ditching your family and "Hand out the candy, honey" duty to go watch scary movies and eat loads of candy with your friends? What's that? Oy, 13.

And a blast from the past: this is Halloween 2006, about 12 weeks after I gave birth to baby #2. I was feeling pretty good about myself. Still am.

Happy November, everyone!


dana said...

Cute goodie bag treats. I think my daughter's favorite treat was a small bag of pretzels. She would have loved your fruit snacks!

Your husband's costume is awesome. Um...assuming that was a MAN holding your daughter's hand?? :)

Pretty Jane said...

Totally! He's very confident in his masculinity...