Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beautiful Diane

Today is my mother's birthday. Our family sure takes a hit in the fall--and I didn't even get a chance to post about my PopPop on Sept 15!

When my younger sister was born, my mom started selling maternity clothes that she made in our basement. Over time, that evolved into Heidi Kidwear, a children's clothing company that lasted almost 15 years and sold through trunk shows all over the Southeast. When I started my company, I thought she'd sold hers, and I turned to her simply for advice. When I learned she'd never sold it, and that she was willing to hand over patterns, designs, fabric, all kinds of things that she had left from when she closed up shop, I knew two things:

One, that I was doing what I was meant to do, since a coincidence like that is NO coincidence.

Two, that my mother has always, always loved me.

It was a good day. Now, on her birthday, I wanted to take a minute to be thankful for how great she is, for how young she is, and for how much I am like her.

Happy birthday, Mom!

**Am working on finding my favorite photo of her, when she was 23 and looks so much like I do now (or is that the other way around??). Back when we had the house on the market, I moved my basket of photos...somewhere, and now I can't seem to find ANY of them. Am a little worried they're in the garage, all stuck to one another and ruined forever. Will keep you updated.

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