Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bed Rest

I know it's beginning to get repetitive, but I still am amazed each day that I'm no longer pregnant. I had gotten it so ingrained in my head that I'd be waiting for the baby right now that I can't seem to accept that he's HERE.

Having said that, and expressed my immense gratitude that he's healthy and beautiful and such a sweet baby, I think often of my TWO friends who right now find themselves on bed rest.

Karen is having twins, and was on bed rest her first pregnancy, and so was sort of expecting it. Because of her history, she's been in the hospital since she was 24 weeks along, and is expected to stay there for the duration. My Sweet Husband and I are constantly overwhelmed with the thought of what that must be like for her, and what it must be like for her husband taking care of their older daughter alone and being at work all day knowing where his wife is and what she's trying to accomplish: keep those babies cooking!

When we delivered Baby O, our friend Jaime and her husband were extremely supportive, and Jaime and her mother even brought us cookies and a gift in the hospital, and were our first friends to see the new baby. Jaime is pregnant and due six weeks behind my original due date--in fact, I'm the one who encouraged her to take the test, since she was sure she wasn't pregnant! Now she's on modified bedrest at 32 weeks, and really working hard to keep her little girl in longer so she can be healthy and have her best start.

Thinking of them today, I thought I'd post some photos from other blogs I love, both to brighten their rooms and to give them some links to follow as they surf their way and try to burn some daylight and cross another day off the calendar!

Over at SouleMama, a celebration of the last days of the harvest:

Sarah Jane says you can drink all the hot cocoa you want, with homemade marshmallows!

Anna-Maria is apologizing for being impractical, but these shoes rock my world. Imagine if you could be spending the day at Anthropologie instead of in bed, ladies!

This dress is wayyy more work than I've ever done for a dress, but doesn't the spinning look like fun, on a pretty fall day?

And speaking of spinning, this re-post on NieNie's blog captures the joy of dancing with your family and being silly--which both of you will be doing again SO SO soon!

And before you know it, you'll be like Julia, the Internet Queen of Bedrest, celebrating the new baby(ies) and thinking that all this time flat on your back is a distant memory...

Have a great day, ladies! Honest, it'll all be over soon, and so worth it for new yummy flesh to smell and cheeks to kiss and teeny tiny hands to hold. Will spin in the grass with ALL our babies soon enough!

Oh, and if you're looking to kill some REAL time? Check out my new obsession, Polyvore.com. Way, way, way cool. But what a time suck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the distraction. I'm really only at 30 weeks (wish I were at 32) and know that the longer I lie here, the better Lexi will be when she comes. Jaime

manly husband said...

hey, the link to karen's blog isn't working. just thought i'd let ya know. out of love, of course.

Pretty Jane said...

Oh, sweet husband--you always look out for me! Link all better now. Oh, and sorry I packed you a lunch that needed to be microwaved on a day when you had an out-of-office meeting at 11 a.m. My bad.

dana said...

cute post. I love all the links (and esp that picture of Stephanie with her kids, dancing).
is that first room your house??
It's adorable!