Monday, September 1, 2008

Maternity Shorts

I need more pants. The belly has grown, and baby is getting bigger every day. No Pants Land is a lonely place. So I whipped up some navy maternity shorts in a nice, simple "city short" shape. I think this is a McCall's pattern, but I can't seem to locate the envelope to give the actual number--I made some changes, anyway, so it might not be relevant...

These were very straightforward to construct, but required some supplies I didn't have on hand. Problem was, I didn't have a matching knit fabric to use for the massive belly pouch, and I certainly didn't want to drive the 19 miles to our closest fabric shop to get some. I searched, I pondered, and then it came to me: tee shirts are knit! I have lots of extra tee shirts! Ones with funny logos and meaningless images on them!

I cut out the logo image from the back of the shirt according to the pattern:

This is the finished product. Notice that I'm awkwardly trying to angle my body to give the fullest possible belly exposure.

I think they're silly, and they made my husband laugh. But it's my little secret. No one on the street will ever know why I smile to myself as I select a loaf of bread...but YOU will.

Have a great week!

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Rachel said...

That's awesome! Funny AND practical. :c) I've gotta try that...
Thanks for your congratulations, and congratulations yourself on your third--that's great!