Saturday, August 16, 2008

I LOVE this

Anna Maria is one of my fave fabric designers, partly because I love her use of color and her enthusiastic embracing of the natural world in the textiles she designs, and partly because I find her life and her worldview so sympatico to my own, and so inspiring. Plus I love women with big families and a creative eye, and she has both in spades... It doesn't hurt that she's a sister Southerner (from Nashville)--maybe that explains the similarities in how we see the world?

Her attitude toward what she does and what she loves come through so clearly in this post that I thought I'd link to it here and give y'all a chance to meet her yourselves. I love that idea of lemons-from-lemonade, of not having control over what happens in the world around us but having TOTAL control of how we react to it and what we PUT OUT there. I want that to be a hallmark of what I accomplish in my life, that I pass on to my children and create in my work.

Thanks, Anna Maria, for helping put it into words!


Leslie said...

hello! i'm interested in contacting you regarding your clothing line. please email me, leslie, at


Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment! Built By Wendy stuff sure is cute, but I'm beginning to see it was designed by a childless woman living in NY, which is a very different lifestyle than mine!
I look forward to seeing you on Wardrobe Refashion! Your children's clothes couldn't be cuter. (And congrats on your pregnancy!)

Kari said...

Thanks for visiting me at Spring Chick. Your comments make me laugh. I am a fan of Anna Maria too - love what she does with color combos.

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

I thought I recognized that picture as I read AM's blog too! I love her philosophy on life and reading her blog really helps keep you focused on what is important in life!