Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fall fabrics: a teaser

Thought I'd throw out a few photos of close-ups of the new fabrics for the fall. In all honesty, I love love LOVE the prints for this back-to-school collection. At first glance, one or two of them were good, but the longer I look at them and hold them and see how they seem to look great no matter WHAT the circumstance, the more GREAT they become.

With each collection that I produce, I have what appears to be a cycle: I design the shapes; I choose the fabrics; I have second thoughts about the fabrics; I choose the fabrics all over again; I lose the sheet where I've selected the fabrics, and then start from scratch; I find the sheet and realize I've chose almost ALL the same fabrics; I order the fabrics; I make a few samples; I have second thoughts about the samples, and begin to doubt my vision; I keep making samples, because at that point, there's no turning back; I take a new look at the collection and hope returns; I complete the collection and fall in love. Complicated, I know, but at least it has a happy ending. That's certainly what's happened here--I'm delighted, like really hugging-myself-happy with how these pieces are looking. What a good feeling after months and months of waking up from dreaming about this collection...

For spring this year, I stuck to a VERY tight color palette. When summer came along, I broadened it a little and added some ice creamy colors, pinks and roses and golds, to the blues and greens I'd had for spring. I loved the cool sense of weather changing that I felt from the collection, and the way it was such a cohesive grouping. I loved the fabrics--lots of linen mixed in with my cottons, always always natural fibers, even some bamboo--and I loved the way the shapes all worked together. I wanted that to continue in the fall, but to add in some more functionality without losing the whimsy that makes me so proud of what I do.

For fall, I'm focusing on two main color stories: a red-and-gold warm late summer/early harvest palette, and a cool blue-and-deep green rainy day palette. Both are AWESOME and I couldn't be more pleased and excited with how they turned out! I've added a bunch of new shapes, too, and some great twists on old favorites. Check back over the coming weeks for a trickle of sneak peaks, lots of new details on the new details I've added to the pieces, and some special deals available only to bloggie readers and subscrivers--all leading up to the big DEBUT TRUNK SHOW at Beehive on July 26!

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