Friday, October 5, 2007

Wow, this woman puts me to serious shame

So, here I am, weeks after not posting AT ALL, and I run across this post at Wardrobe Refashion. I've been thinking real hard, y'all, about all the great ideas I've come up with--felt crowns and capes for Halloween? Mommy-and-Me aprons for Christmas? reversible boys' overalls? stenciled tees? seriously, I've got great ideas--and steadily NOT working on them. See, first my wallet was stolen, then I remembered I have two kids and a dog and a house and ANOTHER house being built, and that I've overcommitted myself across the board, not to mention the classes I teach over at Beehive, and somehow actually SEWING anything has vanished. VANISHED, dude.

Not only is this disconcerting professionally, it's hard for me psychologically. I really LIKE to sew, and I do it a lot--under normal circumstances. But September pretty much sucked the life outta me, y'know? So here I am, October already, and I haven't updated the blog or added the fall line to the website (!!) or started on the Holiday Collection. Ack! Forgive me, Internet, I have betrayed your devotion.

So back to work I go, inspred by this woman's amazing gift for her girl--what a great idea! what impressive execution! what am I doing writing when I should be stitching away??

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