Tuesday, October 16, 2007


House: still on the market. Languishing.

Holiday collection: still gestating in my head, not yet sewn. Languishing.

Health: haven't run regularly in almost a month. Languishing.

Any other Hs I've forgotten??

Lots of other exciting stuff going on, almost too much to keep track of. Classes at Beehive going extraordinarily well, and have designed some new projects for the Christmas Crafts/Gifts classes for Nov. Am pretty pleased. Wrote my first pattern last week, based on a tote bag project I do with the Intro Sewing class, and that was more fun than I imagined (having read dozens of horror stories about technical writing). House is immaculate, even if it hasn't sold, and that makes me happy. Kids are great and have been unbelievably well-behaved this past week while Mommy was busy falling apart at the seams, so pleased with that, too.

Have tons of ideas and little motivation to get them accomplished, especially while my sister and her baby are here in town. We'll be going to do some fabric shopping in the next few days, though, so am anticipating LOTS of new projects shortly--at least, I hope...

Will keep you posted.

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