Monday, August 6, 2007

Like, fast?

My, how time flies. A month?? It seems like a LOT longer, and somehow no where NEAR that long. And so much has happened...

The fashion show came off great. It would have helped me plan (and manage my anxiety better) if I'd known in advance that child models tend to RACE down the runway rather than sashay--what would have been 20 minutes of children's fashion was closer to 90 seconds, but the kids were awesome and the show was well-received. Lots more looks on the website, lots of great feedback!

AND, as if that weren't Pretty Jane excitement enough, we're finally online shopping capable! How cool is that?? It's all still being upgraded, but so far PayPal has been pretty good. I hope y'all have used it before, and that those of you who haven't know you DON'T have to get a PayPal account to use your credit card--just click on the itty bitty "pay with my credit card" link in the lower left corner and run it through that way. For those of us who are sickly addicted to eBay, a PayPal account is an old friend, so no worries there!

Classes are also running at Beehive, and that's been such an amazing addition to what I'm doing. I'm having crazy amounts of fun and have felt really rewarded to be teaching people how to sew, it's awesome. I had such a great group in the first class during July, and looks like we'll have a full house in August, too, so I'm looking forward to seeing new faces! I've even put in an Intermediate class on Monday nights with expanded enrollment--I was so excited that my Intro class in July wanted to keep going, and now we're all going to sew through August together! I went ahead and opened that up for up to 6 students, since Beehive's classes were featured in the Daily Candy today, and we've had SUCH good feedback.

Maybe I don't mention often enough how thankful I am to be part of this organization. Beehive as a whole, and Petra (the owner) especially, are such a huge influence on my confidence and outlook in this business, and have really changed the way I see craft and creation these days. It's already a huge eye-opener to see all the amazing craft blogs out there, and to meet these folks in person and have conversations with them, see their work, it's an unparalleled experience that makes what I do in my teeny little studio that much more meaningful and rewarding. What a huge privelege to be with my kids all day and still have a chance to be creative and on top of it have this great outlet with these other inspiring people!! I am so thankful.

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