Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Big Things are stewing....

November looms. LOOMS, I tell you.

And with it, a Challenge, thrown gauntlets, all that: over at NaBloPoMo, November is Post Every Day for a Month Month. And Pretty Jane is on the bandwagon. Get ready, people, because I'll be pulling out every banal, mundane detail of our existance in order to drum up even remotely enough material to post EVERY DAY for an entire month. At least Novemenber is one of the ones that hath only 30.

Classes are going extraordinarily well--have you see us in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?? I'm told there's also meant to be a blurb coming out in Lucky magazine next month--will happily keep you posted when I have links and news.

Trunk show coming up at The Ormewood School, too, the first week of November, with special orders delivered the first week of December--the perfect time to pick up your holiday duds for the kiddos! Over at Beehive, we'll have Halloween dress-up capes and crowns by the end of the week, and they'll stick around for holiday gift-giving, as well. Busy as little bees, we are.

Mr. Pretty Jane is looking forward to the black-and-white houndstooth baby wale corduroy I have on order, so next football season he can wear the coolest shirt on campus. A gift, from his adoring Mrs. All 6 of you loyal, devoted readers will see photos as soon as they're available, naturally.

Lastly, and speaking of photos, there's our pretty new house up there! Cabinets are in, tile work is done, floors are installed (but not finished). Still no sale at the Old Manse, waiting for our buyer to come wander in, waving a blank check, but we have faith that all will work out and that our home will remain a happy one, one way or another. Be thinking of us--we've got about 7 weeks left!

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dav said...

Awesome article! I may have to join your class so I can learn to recycle my clothes :-\