Thursday, November 1, 2007


So here I am this morning, fat and happy, bringing in the garbage can, that strange nagging feeling tht I've forgotten something...what was it?? Maybe it's just a sugar hang-over from last night...

Aha! It's Blog Every Day for a Month month! November 1! How could I forget?? My, gracious. And as I began mentally composing my blog, I thought, "Ack!" and then realized (1) I've been using that expression frequently as an interjection connoting frustration or overwhelmedness, and (2) so does Cathy. Ack, alright.

My exciting Halloween Night was spent making these stellar pants, complete with Extra Wear Protection on the knees. I'm nuts about corduroy when the weather gets chilly, but was even more amused when I learned at one of the chain fabric outlets that it's a "trend for fall." Am not convinced that corduroy, that bastion of cold-weather wear, that staple of fall wardrobes, that regualr of tailgates and winter carnivals, could possibly be considered trendy. But, then, I also don't have locations in 74 states, so what do I know?

I DO know that I have a shipment coming from one of my fabric manufacturers of BAMBOO CORDUROY. It's this delicious tulip pink cotton/bamboo blend, and I can't wait to get my hands on it... Should be here by Tuesday, photos when it arrives! It will almost instantly be put to use as another pair of these pants, but for girls--flowers on the knees, that kind of thing. All of them are pre-washed, and baggy soft. Lots of room to trap air and keep it warm, like prairie dresses. I might be displaying my geeky roots....

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