Friday, July 13, 2007

Hive Mind

Like we weren't busy enough:

We've decided to build a house. Which means, like, not just bulding a house. It means picking out wall colors. That's cool, I can do wall colors. Pass that huge fan thingy, right? And floor coverings. No sweat: gimme hardwoods. What? I should have carpet upstairs? And the standard (read: free) stuff the builder includes is crappy? And the stuff that we like is the 654th upgrade at $9000 a square inch? Yes, well, I suppose we'll have to have that. You do, after all, only ever get one house your whole infinite lifetime, so we're gonna need to get the bestest stuff you've got. Ah, and about that tile... I know that you've advertised how great the standard tile it, but see, I read this one issue of Met Home back in 1997, and I'm kinda gonna want to get something that you've never heard of that might have to be speical ordered from Checzoslovakia, but I don't know what color I need, so maybe let's just get a ton of samples and I'll stand here and mull over them for the next week or so. While we're at it, let's make an appointment to struggle through selecting light fixtures. Seriously? There's a light in the closet? I have to have HOW many smoke detectors? Code? What code??

Fear not. At least the decision to put the phone at the built-in desk was an easy one. And it will be the MOST gorgeous house ever in the history of the world. I'll pour actual blood into it to ensure that.

Pretty Jane is still in full effect, and prepping for a grand fashion show outing come Aug 2. Keep yer bloggie ears peeled...

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