Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As if running a miniature clothing empire from home weren't enough work, we've decided to put our house on the market.

Let me start off by saying, I LOVE MY HOUSE. LOVE it, like crazy lady love it, like the total opposite of this woman love it. But we heard from some of our closest friends that they were movig to the burbs, and it forced us to consider WHY WHY WHY would someone do that?? And then we saw the neighborhood. New construction, which isn't always my favorite (I have an abiding weakness for older houses that my un-handy Mr. Pretty Jane doesn't share), but gives such wonderful opportunities for selecting asolutely everything there is to choose about your house. Right next to a huge park. Pool, plyaground, tennis, the works. Good friends right next door. Impossible to pass up. BUT it's all contingent on marketing and selling our current amazing house toute suite, as it were.

So the past two weeks have seen little Pretty Jane-ing, I'm afraid to say. I've spent most of my "working" time waiting for special order fabric to come in (it still hasn't) and desperately reorganizing the studio so it looks tidy for the zillions of buyers we hope will traipse through here in the next month, fists full of cash and blank checks. Very little designing has gone on.

I will say some of the aprons and other new items have done well over at Beehive, and so will remain a regular part of the collections as they come out. And Pretty Jane will be presenting the fall line at a fashion show up in Suwannee come August--details to follow when I have them. So I'm not sitting on my behind, just focused on my home rather than my work. Some days that soothes me, and makes me miss the machine and want to create something awesome, leading to enormous breakthroughs, which is cool.

Did I mention the new house will have a dedicated studio space WITH A DOOR, so I can have shelves and drawers and Ikea wonderfulness all to myself and not have to pack it away when I want to throw a party? How cool is that??

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