Monday, June 4, 2007

Things To Do Today

--think of something worth blogging about that doesn't involve the mountains of work I'm avoiding

--think of reasons to justify avoiding the mountains of work I'm avoiding

--call back a mom looking for info on birthday parties

--reply to email, email, email

--get in touch with graphic designer set a meeting to design brochures and catalog for next fall

--deliver a batch of the new hair bows to the Beehive

--write course descriptions and bio for new classes through Beehive Works!

--order custom fabric for new boys' shirts in baseball print (which I should have had IN HAND weeks ago, but that's neither here nor somewhere else)

--call my mother and possibly cry

--call my sister and hopefully laugh hysterically

--call my daughter and see how her very first day of horseback riding camp went

--remind myself that I DON'T drink coffee, that breastfeeding mothers should avoid caffeine, that Starbucks is way too expensive to form a serious attachment

--make a set of diaper covers for trunk show on Thursday

--draft a new postcard to recruit hostesses for Fall 2007 Back-To-School trunk shows

--dream of having an assistant who works for hugs

--pound down 65 oz. of water an hour to stave off dehydration and its friend, delusion (may already be too late for this, as I could never in 65 lifetimes accomplish all this today)

--remind myself that #1 on this list was to NOT complain about the mountains of work I'm avoiding

--drive to Starbucks


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