Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Preview #4: Instant Wardrobe

When did I say this next preview would be posted?? Let's just pretend it was today, shall we? All better then.

Here, then, is the Instant Wardrobe for girls.

The Abigail pinafore, always a popular seller. Plus a pair of shorts, a pair of long pants, and an appliqued tee.

All in coordinating fabrics, to be worn in nearly limitless combinations:
Wear the Abigail alone.

Wear the Abigail with the tee.

Wear the tee with the shorts.

Or the tee with the pants.

Or the Abigail with the pants.

Or the Abigail with the shorts.

Or the Abigail with the tee with the shorts.

Or the Abigail with the tee with the pants.

You get the idea.

In lots of different fabric combinations, as you can see. The pants and shorts in cotton are mostly flat-front with a hip pocket, but some are elastic waist. All the linen pants are elastic waist, with a wide leg for roomy playtime (oh, and ALL the linen is machine washable, just like the cottons, because I can't be bothered with anything else!). I'm partial to the giant dahlias and the apple dot, but I'm pretty wild about the Jay McCarroll deer-and-shrooms up against the Michael Miller pretty plaid in peony pink (say that five times fast).

Personally, I've always gravitated towards separates as a shopper and as a dresser. But this spring, I'm concentrating a little more on coordinates in general and on "sets" of clothing--not outfits necessarily, but a mini-grouping that can be worn lots of ways. Makes me feel as though I'm getting more from less, and that seems to be how ALL of us are feeling right now.

Next up: Tween Time!


Karin said...

I LOVE this! So cute!

dana said...

You've been busy! Fun stuff! I love the mermaid Abigail....esp with the brown pants.

Maria Rose said...

I love that mermaid fabric!

Jess said...

wow...i just found your blog and loving your creative style....i love the last cute!!

Rae said...

Aww! I love seeing Mendicino in such a cute outfit. I don't know my designer fabrics enough to recognize the other ones but they are very cute too!