Friday, November 21, 2008

Switching to Cloth


Today's the day--I can put it off no longer.  Today, we switch to CLOTH DIAPERS.

OK, maybe I'm being melodramatic.  I mean, both the girls were in cloth, and it was easy.  Well, maybe not easy, but not as hard as you'd think.  We kick it old school around here, too: unfolded bird's-eye weave and vinyl pants, none of these modern Velcro thingies.

Part of the motivation is thrift--at $10 a pack, a pack a week, the kid is peeing us out of house and home, not to mention blowing my grocery budget.  Also, I hate filling up my garbage can with human waste and then putting it out on the curb to be deposited who-knows-where.

But really, as with all my other decisions that seem altruistic but are really self-preservation, it's that they have yet to make the disposable diaper that can hold O.  He is the baby that diapers cannot conquer.  He gets a change at 10 when he nurses, and again at 5.30 when it's decent to awake--he eats once, maybe twice in between but I have a hard and VERY fast rule that we do not disturb slumber under ANY circumstances, certainly no to change a diaper.  It is a matter of survival, people.  Unlike the girls, though, O pees--and pees, and pees...  He's always just slightly damp by the time I change him, as if the dam burst at 5.20 and THEN he awoke for his morning feed.

So, in hopes that the old double-nighttime-diaper trick will work, we are switching to cloth in an attempt to stem his itty bitty tide.

That is, AFTER we get home from our Thanksgiving travels.  I am, if nothing else, practical.