Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Bitty Babies

A friend of ours asked me to bring in some styles of baby items so she could choose a gift for a friend set to deliver her little girl any day now. Most of them are based on the prototypes for the spring expanded line of baby things, and made up in fall/winter fabrics. I'm super excited to offer lots of new styles for littlest ones come spring, and to announce that we'll be focusing with similar intensity on our Tween collections. Both of those size ranges are ones that Pretty Jane has neglected these last two years, and that are rarely designed for, and have so few choices. I'm excited to grow our offerings, and hope you like what you see!

These teeny overalls are the flagship design, and are based on the ones I made for O for Thanksgiving.  Astute observers will also recognize them as the Dylan overalls from this fall, but now in a teenier size!

Little pockets

Fully reversible, with an elastic back waist

Button closure at the crotch for easy diaper changes

More updates as I complete other designs--if only I'd taken a shot of the bubble for girls that she purchased to give as a shower gift! All in the shop just after the New Year (or by special order in winter fabrics NOW!).

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