Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy Holidays, Batman!

I struggle with this, but I'm already well into whipping up Holiday-themed goodies for the shop.

See, I'm a die-hard Not Until The Day After Thanksgiving kinda girl. I really, really, really don't like the consumerism/commercialization/earliness of Christmas these days. It makes me tired. It makes so many of us want it OVER ALREADY by the time it finally arrives. And I don't want to feel that way about such a quiet, reflective, peaceful, family-filled time of the year. I wrap each ornament individually when I pack them away each year, convinced that they absorb somehow the love and joy and peace we feel during the holiday, and wanting them to hold onto that until we unwrap them the following year. It's special to me, and I want it to be special for my children, something for them to pass down.

And now here it is, just days past Halloween, and I'm already up to my knees in red and green and holiday lights. As a manufacturer (even at my tiny scale), I don't feel as though I can wait longer to unveil Christmas products. But as a mom, I cringe.

I beg your indulgence, then, as I show what I've been working on these past few days:

Winter and Christmas MegaBibs--they're super-sized for all those giant meals. Button closure at the back, and fully reversible!

Matching burpies, also reversible, and just the right size for dozing off. Two designs in each package.

Holiday gift sets, with one bib and a matching burpie.

Speaking of gifts, aprons and mommy-and-me apron sets, perfect for ALLLL that holiday baking.

Even my ironing board has gotten in on the action!

Forgive me, Internets. It is the market pressure what made me do it. Hope you like it enough to cut me some slack.

Have a great weekend!

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