Saturday, November 8, 2008

Football Season

Alabama football takes center stage at our house from August to January (we hope!). I made my Sweet Husband a seersucker shirt in red and white for the first game over Labor Day weekend, but the details made me a little crazy, and I didn't really love how it turned out.

Too cold for seersucker now, anyway.

So, I altered the pattern and combined it with some details of another that I liked partly and hated partly, and am planning to use some mini-houndstooth babywale corduroy from the stash. I'd better get moving, though, if I want him to wear it for more than the championship game (y'know, the one everyone in my house will be a WHOLE lot happier if we make it to?  that one).

Oh, football.  You are a fickle and cruel mistress.  But at least we can be well-dressed, both in winning seasons and...not-so-winning seasons.  May the latter be few and farrrrr between!

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