Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blimpie McChubster

Baby O had another check up today--his one month well baby visit. ONE MONTH! As shocking as it is that he's already been here that long, the biggest shock of the day was his weight.

Any takers on bets??

SIX POUNDS, THIRTEEN POINT TWO OUNCES. That's 6-13.2, people. Up from 5-6.6 two weeks ago. Little porker.

I'm delighted, the doctor is delighted, his father is so proud (the baby's, not the doctor's, although I'm sure the doctor's father is also very proud, but for different reasons), and a whole world of wardrobe possibilities has opened up (translation: he's finally starting to fit that huge dresser of clothes we bought for him that we worried might be too small, which they totally would've been if he'd been on time, because this kid was seriously on track to be over 8 pounds).

Happy eating to all of us!


Kari said...

How fun to have a teenager and a newborn in the house! Can't believe you can keep all this up!

dana said...

Cute little outfit he has on. Glad he's puttin on the pounds!