Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Dance

Our Teen went to her first real, live big dance this weekend: Homecoming. I can hardly stand it.

The invites said "semi-formal," but I think we're all a little unclear about what that means these days. We had this hanging in the closet from two Halloweens ago when I had no costume and went as the default "pretty fairy princess" to which all women my age have sunk at least once over the years. It fit her well, with some adjustments. (The shawl was a concession to the "Celestial" theme, and wound up dumped in a corner with her cell phone for most of the event, as I suspected it would be. Dress looked better without it, anyway.)

She's so gorgeous. And the funniest part? We're recycling the dress next week to wear as HER Halloween costume--this time, as a murdered prom queen. Ah, youth.

Who remembers their first formal?? I know I do--and not fondly. I'm so glad she felt pretty and had a good time...


Maria Rose said...

It seems like I just went to my first teen dance event, but it has been so long! Oh, how fun those days were...even when they weren't fun.

dana said...

Wow. how exciting! I remember some of those firsts. Fun/exciting/scary/feeling grown-up. So many emotions. Cute.