Monday, September 8, 2008

New in the Shop!

I ordered this Japanese fabric--direct from Japan!--months ago. It came in finally a few weeks back, and boy oh boy was it worth waiting for! So soft, such a sweet print, fantastic colors. Awesome. I am completely in love. And so is our Toddler: check her out! (When she first tried it on for me, just so I could check the fit, she flipped out when I tried to take it off her. And this is how samples become part of my child's wardrobe--and why the new baby gets about 12" of rod space in their shared closet.)

First thing I did was make a fall version of the Abigail pinafore from last spring. This one's substantially longer than the spring/summer version I did--that one was intended to hit at high hip, this one is mid-calf. Over a long sleeved tee or a turtleneck, maybe with some tights and a little half boot? It SOOOO says fall to me. It's the squirrels that do it, see?

This one's already up and in the shop. Am working on another more shift-like version with sleeves (cap sleeves, I'm thinking? puffed?) that should be there in a few days--keep checking back!


dana said...

That is adorable. LOVE that fabric and yes, it would look super cute with puffed sleeves (I'm kinda crazy for puff sleeves right now though :) )

Kari said...

Darling. What a great print.