Friday, August 8, 2008

Like A Proud Mother Hen

One of my students--and I'm proud to say, now a good friend--has, since taking Intro to Sewing over at Beehive, started her own company sewing with her sister! She's one of many success stories, but as she has a trunk show coming up this weekend, I thought I'd share her story here.

Courtney was in one of the first truly large classes I taught at Beehive--we usually cap at 4 students, and hers had 5. I remember the first night of class, when we were going over the functions each lady's machine could do and we got to bringing up the bobbin thread, she had been doing it The Hard Way for YEARS. When she saw there was another method, she said, "Well, that's worth the price of the class right there! I can't believe my mother taught me to do it wrong!" I thought she was going to pull out her cell right then and ask her mother what she was thinking.

Instead, it turns out she went home and called her sister, and the two of them started having long conversations about sewing and design and what they wish they could see in the marketplace. From all that, Brevelle Linen Company was born. This weekend is their first big outing as a company, and I am THRILLED (and more than a little proud) to have had even a small part in it.

Check out their site and their Etsy shop. I know you'll love what you see! And if you have similar aspirations, check the Beehive class schedule for the next sewing class--it's a whole 'nother level of sewing.

See you soon!

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thebluegardenia said...

I am so inspired! I am going over to Joann's today to get tracing paper to finish my muslin. Thank you for sharing and banishing my sewing blues. Wish your classes were available in Prescott.