Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I went on over to Mighty Girl today, to check in on what I've missed lately. And found this post about organization and satisfaction. And wrote the comment below:

What is it about this post that made me feel so totally sympatico with you, right in that instant?? I've always thought I must be nutso to feel that sense of...RELIEF when something is properly organized. This past Friday, my older child spent the night at a friend's house and my husband and I staged an Extreme Room Makeover for her 13th birthday--we're having Baby #3 and needed to put the babies in the teen's old Big Room and put the teen in the former nursery. Bought her a loft bed and tons of Ikea goodies, and kept it a secret for FOUR MONTHS. I swear, really. So, we have roughly 8 hours to make it happen. Keep in mind please, I'm 23 weeks pregnant and we have a toddler sleeping in the port-a-crate...er, crib--downstairs in our room during the whole of this ordeal. And our teen is, well, MESSY. Like, super crazy messy. There was some CRAP behind all that old furniture. But 8 hours later, after vacuuming and re-vacuuming and organizing and Ikea-izing and making the closet JUST SO, dude. Did I feel CLEANSED. Sat an extra 20 minutes in her new purple armchair at 12.30 in the morning just to admire the clean sense of organization and satisfaction. And then I went to bed.

And NOW, I realize this is the first detailed account I've written of the experience, and that I've put it off because somehow I couldn't quite capture why it made me feel so complete. Thank you, Maggie Mason. For today, you completed me... Off to add my comment to my own blog!

I could add more detail, but I'm so busy reliving it all... It soothes me...

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