Monday, April 28, 2008


A friend of mine gave me such a huge compliment recently. She said, "I just want to tell you, you have really stepped up your game." She was referring to the spring line, and I was so flattered, because that was exactly the comment I needed to hear.

I've only been doing this for a year and a half. Time is relative, I know, and sometimes that's a lifetime, but it has FLOWN by. When we started out, I thought running my own business would be a cinch. A little ways in, I realized it's more like Sisyphus than like Aladdin's lamp. It has been at times very challenging--trying to determine what my vision is and what it is I have to say. Sometimes I feel like I've just invented the coolest thing ever, and some days I feel like rolling over and going back to sleep for a week. But since the New Year, I feel as though I've been on fire, and it was really, really great to have someone point that out in such a perfect, succinct way. I feel like I've made HUGE leaps in the last year and am so, so proud of what I'm accomplishing now. I'm growing. Go, me.

Inman Park Festival was really great, and I learned way more than I ever could have anticipated--more on that later, with links to the other great ladies who were there with me and taught me so much. I think I learned a year's worth of lessons in two intense days, and I'm so grateful to them for that.

Finally, on today's theme of growth, I might as well share our Other News (now that all our folks know): we're percolating another little person over here at Pretty Jane. Our new baby is due in early November, so I suppose it's a good thing I'm feeling so motivated and inspired--I'll need to take a couple of months off at the end of the calendar year! Mr. Pretty Jane and I are both really thrilled, as are the girls. I'm already hard at work on the fall line of Back To School stuff (is it sad that I can only ever think of Grease 2 when I hear that phrase?), and plan to have it out by July. Look for dates for a late-summer trunk show at Beehive for the premiere!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to say hello and to visit and shop this weekend--it made it such fun to be there, and made up for the pouring down rain on Sunday!

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