Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Custom Love

One of the bestest parts about doing custom orders is that I get to see how someone else combines fabric and shape. I'm down in my little design studio all day, working away, and sometimes I think that must affect my vision and judgment. I had a customer come to the trunk show at the Beehive and order an Abigail jumper in a completely different fabric than I had originally designed--the swatches you're seeing are Maxfield, the original fabric for this design, in white with chocolate and blue and lime geometric shapes; and Cherry, a lime background with mini-cherries on a cotton seersucker. These images really don't do it justice, honestly they're both great fabrics, but I'd not planned to use Cherry for this particular piece. She chose Cherry with a red contrast band at the waist, and it was SO darling that I stared and stared at the finished product before finally surrendering it to her--and competely forgot to take a photo. What?? Seriously, what was I doing that day? Must whip up another and get it over to our retail space at Beehive--or post it for sale once our online store is ready to roll (goal for that is within the next three weeks--stay tuned!). Will take a photo then and post it here. Ack!!

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