Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busy Little Bee

SO much going on around here! It's the MOST beautiful time of year, I'm such a Spring fanatic, and I'm toiling away in the studio, working like the Busy Little Bee I am.

Logo: new logo design is in the works! I've gotten preliminary designs and am set to meet with the designer to go over finalizing it and then getting it off to the printers! New stickers, notecards, web graphics, maybe even personalized ribbon. Ooooh, exciting!

As a result, the desire that's been lurking quietly in my heart to re-vamp the website has come to the forefront, and is halfway to being accomplished. I've gotten the colorways renewed on most pages, and put in preliminary links to some of the new features, so you can have an idea of what's coming up, but the pages themselves are not prepped yet, primarily because...

I've been busily creating new products, and I have yet to take any images that are useable! Am including one, for the new and improved covered button hair elastics. These have been WILDLY popular over at Beehive, and I've added embroidered initials to make them even more special. My mother wrote that she loves loves loves them, high praise indeed from a woman whose hair has been cut short for 40 years!

The main page on the website shows new categories: not just girl and boy clothes, but a wider selection of tween duds, plus "pretty stuff," like hair elastics and baby bonnets and quilted tote bags, and then "useful stuff," like the Pretty Jane bib, baby blanket and burp cloth gift set, AND (I'm insanely excited about these) APRONS! I'm totally addicted to Tie One On, the blog all about aprons, and was determined to whip up some really great ones for the summer, both for moms and girls (and maybe for boys?? will have to test drive that on the kid across the street...). Please stay tuned, as I labor to get these little babies up on the web!

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