Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prep Work

Hostessing is always hard. I was reminded of that his past weekend when we had over a dozen people over for Easter brunch. It was an amazing, good, fun time, but it was a ton of work and it's always hard to play when you're the girl in charge! Which brings me to why I have neglected the blog so much lately: I've been hard at work on the new Summer Collection, which debuts this Saturday at the Beehive. It's always exciting to create new styles and play with new fabrics, and this has been no exception. It does tend to lead to lots of late nights, though, and Mr. Pretty Jane isn't always a big fan (but very supportive, of course).

This summer I wanted to offer lots of sundresses and jumpers, since that's what I'd prefer to wear, and that's what I like my girls to wear. There are plenty of little bowling shirts for boys in ocean prints, too. The hardest part has been finding just the right fabrics for each design. I've been so impressed with what I've been able to get locally and what I've found on line, and so happy with the results. It's led to the development of new custom purses for girls--reversible bags in 5 styles that are just the right size to carry around essentials for trips out with mommy. It's only a matter of time until I get the right fabrics to develop bags for boys, too, because little men need to carry around their stuff, too!

In truth, preparing for a show is exhausting. But I get so excited when I have new styles to show to the women who come. It is such a pleasure, a true pleasure, to look at these dresses and shirts and skirts and little pants and think about the children who will wear them and play in them. There is so much joy in what I do that this morning I was brought to my knees with thankfulness that I'm able to do it! How did I get this gig, doing what I love to do for fun and getting paid?? And without all that tabloid invasion-of-privacy stuff, too!

Here's hoping Saturday will see a good turnout. It's such fun to introduce new people to Pretty Jane!

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