Monday, December 15, 2008


I tend to assume that sickness is an indication of a lack of something, rather than the presence of something.  This is why I didn't go to medical school: I see not the presence of a virus, but a lack of sleep or nutrients.

We've had a LOT of sick at our house lately.  First, M was icky.  Then my Sweet Husband got it and gleefully passed it on to me.  Lots of hacking coughs, way more mucous than you want to hear about, just gross.  We worked so hard to keep baby O from getting it, but in the end, he did.  He's so tiny, and it hit him hard.  By day 3 we were at the pediatrician for our third visit in a week, and he needed breathing therapy and prescriptions and I was wringing my hands and convinced we'd broken our brand-new baby.

He's on the mend, thankfully, although the cough still lingers.  And all the good work we'd done getting him to ease himself to sleep--no more crying!  dozed off after a few grunts!--was in the toilet.  So after waking up gagging on nastiness for a week, and me being exhausted from caring for him, he spent this past week struggling to go to sleep.

Today was the day, the day I was sure we were going to turn the corner, and all would be well again.  Right up until M projectile puked on the basement stairs as we came up from the garage.  And her temp was 101.4, and her eyes went all glassy.  Mommy wants spring to come soon.  SOON.


My analysis?  There's been a lack of balance at our house.  I've spent a LOT of my time focused on my work, and I love that.  These past two weeks have for sure been more about a focus on my kids.  And I NEEDED that.  In some ways I missed posting, preparing photos to share with y'all, working on little projects and big plans.  But at the same time, I recognized how much I wanted and needed to have these days to just care for my kids.  It reminded me to care for ME, and gave me time (at 4 a.m. usually) to look at the lights on our tree with no interference and be thankful and quiet and still.

Here's hoping this last round is just a 24-hour thingy, and that the peaceful moments of the last weeks stay with me.  It's time to get back to work, but only as long as it stays in its place.

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Maria Rose said...

Yuck. I hope you are all on the mend soon!