Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Week of Gratitude, Day 4: Work I Love

Taking the WHOLE week off to spend time with my amazing family. Am auto-posting a series titled "A Week of Gratitude" while we're off doing cool stuff like baking, digging out the Christmas decorations, jumping in piles of leaves, making final visits to the playground before the weather gets too cold, visiting with the relatives, taking looooong drives all in one vehicle, singing songs loudly, and anything else we can think of. Be back in a few days! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This year, let's be glad of all we have...

Day 4: Work I Love

I got into this business completely by accident.  My husband and I were driving around one evening before our second baby was born, thinking and talking and worrying a little about what it would be like for me to stay home with the kids.  He pointed out that if ever there was something I wanted to do, some work I wanted to do from home, a business I'd like to start, now was the time--no opportunity cost, lots of "free" time.  I told him the only work I could do for eight hours a day unsupervised and be expected to not tire of and not shirk was sewing.  He thought that sounded fine.

So we jump into it, back-assward, as they say.  No business plan, no business experience, no real idea of what it would be like or look like or how it could possibly work.  We were clearly blessed more than once with opportunities and breaks that we couldn't have gone looking for and that were fundamental in getting us this far.

And the best part is, I wake up every morning and get to take my twelve second commute downstairs to my studio, and do work I truly enjoy while having the freedom to stop for PB&J with my kids or leave early for violin concerts at school or tend to sick children if necessary.  My family is still top priority, and my work is something I look forward to and think about when I don't have to.  It's such a colossal blessing, one I didn't know I was missing until I found it.

Who knew?

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