Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two Words: Stuffing.

Thanksgiving, believe it or not, is SO soon. I get excited, since here in the Deep South, that means it might get cold soon. Maybe.

Last year at this time, my Sweet Husband was still in Iraq. I asked my in-laws to put up their Christmas decorations over the Thanksgiving weekend so that we could shoot a video to send to him that looked like Christmas morning for him to watch and feel, just a little, like he was there with us. It was a pile of work, and worth every second, and he was so happy to have that little piece of home out in the desert.

This Thanksgiving, we get to be together, and I can hardly stand how excited I am to have this holiday with my amazing husband. I know, I write about him a lot and say all these sappy things--but truly, he's so great, and even though being happy is boring, it overflows out of me.

In preparation for long walks among the falling leaves, and football games on the wide screen, and six kinds of pie, and a (hopefully) moist bird, the first ever cooked in our little house since we're staying home this year with our new addition--in preparation for all that, I've gotten a little excited.

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Next post: where that sick excitement has taken me. It's yummy.

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Maria Rose said...

I don't think happiness is boring. I am so glad that you are overflowing with happiness!