Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stroller Bag

I saw the greatest stroller bag on Rae's blog back in September, and commented on how I didn't know I NEEDED one of those, but as soon as I saw hers I NEEDED it. And not just in the lustful, breaking-the-tenth commandment kind of way, like, I really saw that I could get a ton of use out of it.

Then a few weeks ago, I saw this link over on Wardrobe Refashion and checked out the details on Julie's blog. Great pattern, seems pretty easy, and just the shape I was going for (with some minor alterations).

So here we have Baby O's new stroller bag,

from some Japanese canvas I've been hoarding for over a year.

I switched it up with a button closure at the top of the handles,

and did some contrast topstitching on the side seams and at the handles.

It's pretty roomy, and has an interior pocket plus a cell phone pocket out of the lining fabric. I love this one, but admit it has gone through some iterations before getting here, right the way I like it--including three duds. This final product, though, is just what I had in mind, despite the frustration of all those false starts. Am inspired to make even more!

Am thinking of reusable grocery bags in this shape...

Happy shopping, everyone!

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dana said...

Cute bag. LOVE the fabric.