Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Reason to Love the Internet

I'm horribly backlogged with work.  Am I the only one who seems to trip and fall into the ultimate time suck website when that happens??

I already love icanhascheezburger--I mean, who doesn't?  And recently I discovered Cake Wrecks, which makes me wiggle with delight.

Today, I have found Fail.  Oh, how can I even express my joy at scrolling through its pages?  Any bad day can be turned around with such finds as these, where individuals have failed miserably at whatever task they were attempting and their failures have been posted for the world to see:

The lunch menu fail.
The journalism fail.
The literacy fail.
The political fail.  Oy.

The perfect-surname-for-my-profession fail (can you read that? it's a funeral home).
The failed bank fail.
The child-safe free gift fail:  set of steak knives!
The UPS fail.
The signage fail.

 Seriously, all of you:
Go.  Look.  SUCCEED.

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