Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween's Coming!

It's been at least three years that I've had to endure the "half-angel/half-devil" idea from our eldest as her Halloween costume suggestion. I have a lot of tolerance for plenty of silly ideas, but that one just annoys me. Lack of creativity, maybe? Annoying one side/other side costume ickiness? I dunno, I just don't want to make THAT one.

She's settled on murdered Prom queen, which shows my standards aren't TOO high. And now that I think of it, the last three years have seen her as a mummy, a she-devil, and Dracula. Maybe she just really likes the classics?

Miss M has had her costume chosen by her elders two years in a row--the first year, her dad and I bought her this delightful lobster/crawfish costume (depending on whether you're in the Northeast or closer to N'Awlins).

Then she was a lion last year, selected by her grandmother (and cute, cute, cute).

This year, she's still subject to our whims, and we're at a loss. When we got the lobster outfit, they had the greatest chicken costume, too, and we shoulda just snagged on in a bigger size, since we can't find it anywhere now...

I think she gets to be Snow White this year, a choice my husband likes about as much as M likes raw pumpkin:

Can you tell she's totally spitting it out all over our sidewalk and her own legs??
She adores Snow White, though--it's only that my husband has decided he doesn't want his girls "growing up waiting for a prince to rescue them." I told him when he tells the story he can leave that part out, but for goodness sake, let the child wear the costume.

At least we've got the Baby O figured out, and we can agree on the choice. Two words: BURRITO. Since babies in our house spend a inordinate amount of their early lives swaddled within an inch of their lung capacity and are often referred to as "baby burritoes," it seemed the perfect solution. A little lettuce-and-tomato headrest, a "tortilla" wrap, some cheese around the face=the perfect infant costume!

Best part?? I get all his candy. Sweet!

How are y'all's Halloween plans coming along??


your baby daddy said...

those are some good lookin' babies you got there.

Maria Rose said...

I haven't come up with anything for Halloween....

Rachel said...

I love the Baby Burrito idea!