Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cleaning Up My Mess

No, not that mess. (Sigh.)

When Baby Oliver made his surprise appearance, I left a few loose ends, not least of which was my September classes at Beehive. I've finished those up, and made arrangements to teach the October classes in November. I might have been crazy to do it, truly, only four weeks after baby was born. I'm a little more tired than I anticipated, and believe it or not, it's every bit as hard to be away from baby #3 as it is to be away from baby #1.

But the projects turned out great, and more than half the students are coming back to take the Intermediate, so I'm thrilled that we were able to schedule things the way we were.

Check out these pillows! Piped! With zippers!

From ladies who were scared of their machines a few weeks ago! But who now pipe and stitch and stuff with furious speed and accuracy!

I can't wait to see the blouses they'll make next month...


dana said...

Adorable. I love the fabrics you chose.

Janey said...

Hey, I just found your blog via wardrobe refashion and I love the name of it, cos my name is Jane (tho always called Janey) and when I was a kid, it was more common to say plain Jane or when we played make believe I always had to be Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen for 9 days then had her head chopped off!!! Not a glamorous role at all!! No doubt they are part of the reason behind my love of colour! Which for someone who is colour blind can be an acheivement!!!

I'm off to read your blog properly and I look forward to seeing your creations on WR

Maria Rose said...

You must be a very good teacher!

Pretty Jane said...

Thanks for all the nice words! I'll be sure to pass along your comments to my students--the credit for a good final product totally goes to them. I'm so proud!